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GAINSWave® is a network of medical professionals who use the latest evidenced based acoustic wave and shock wave technologies proven to improve erection quality, restore erectile function and manage ED. We’ve helped 100’s of doctors and medical professionals from all types of backgrounds, improve patient outcomes and increase practice revenues with our unique member platform.

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“If you have a practice where you’re already treating male patients, then GAINSWave is a slam dunk” – Dr. Robert Bowen

“In the couple of months that we’ve been offering GAINSWave, we’ve received 25 referrals for new patients. That’s quite amazing when you consider the fact that during the pandemic, most leads for other kinds of treatments were virtually non-existent” – Dr. Lois Wagstrom

“My favorite things about GAINSWave is the number of leads I get from being featured on GAINSWave’s website. I get a lot of really good, high quality leads from just being on the website!” – Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown

“The leads GAINSWave has generated for me are of the highest quality. They’re already educated on what it does and how it works, which makes their decision making process extremely simple” – Dr. David Cunningham of Infinity Men’s Health, LLC

“We’ve been really pleased with GAINSWave! Our patients are getting great results and it’s really working rapidly” – Dr. Deborah Matthews

“Besides the directory listing on GAINSWave’s website that sends referrals my way, one of my favorite things about GAINSWave is the private Facebook community they’ve created for us physicians. The journal club is a great, valuable source that continues to provide us with new information on medical training, updates, and more” – Dr. Judson Brandeis of Brandeis, MD

The world’s first plug-and-play system that enables medical practices to integrate the growing field of male sexual wellness.

Everything you need to become a leader in sexual wellness


We offer the most comprehensive training for male sexual optimization and the management of ED. Training includes clinical, didactics, demonstrations covering protocols and techniques performed on real patients. Additionally, we provide sales, marketing, and operational training to ensure your success


We provide everything needed to market and promote GAINSWave® to your patient population and local community so you can win more patients. GAINSWave® members have all-inclusive access to regularly updated patient education materials, treatment sales and presentation tools, marketing collateral, patient forms and much more


You’ll gain access to a private FaceBook Group where you’ll connect with over 500 medical professionals who are existing GAINSWave members. The forum enables you to post questions, comments, share ideas, insider best practices, and collaborate peer-to-peer. The exclusive FaceBook Group provides support, resources and a unique member experience


Ongoing support is the key to ensuring your success. We’ve created a library of video resources covering a variety of topics designed to keep your patients happy and your practice growing. The videos enable you and your staff to align your sales and marketing strategy with your business goals

The S.W.E.E.T. Study Registry

Did you know that select GAINSWave providers are currently involved in the world’s largest clinical registry study that examines the role of low-intensity shockwave therapy for ED? The Shockwave Erectile Enhancement Trial (S.W.E.E.T.) is under way, and aims to ensure clinical excellence, best practices and quality standards within the GAINSWave medical community.

Led by industry leaders collaborating to develop protocols and best practices, GAINSWave® members are committed to clinical excellence for better patient outcomes.

Why GAINSWave?

The consumer demand for premium brands continues to grow and that’s no exception when it comes to sexual health. With our turnkey solution, you’ll gain access to tons of valuable resources making it incredibly simple to begin offering GAINSWave® at your practice. Keep your focus on your patients and delivering the outcomes they desire – We’ll handle the rest.

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We make implementing GAINSWave® simple. Not only does our turnkey solution help doctors develop new clinical and business skills, we help supercharge their incomes! Feel confident in your business savvy, start treating cash-paying patients, and take your practice to the next level.