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Defining Successful Health & Wellness PR

Dunn Pellier Media is at the center of health and wellness. It’s not only our job to help brands in the health space with PR, it’s what we live and breathe. From Natural Beauty to the hottest workouts, we are right at the pulse of this growing marketplace. We’re tapped into the global wellness space and always above the trend. It’s in our veins – creativity, innovation, balance, relationship builders, conversation starters, results driven, health enthusiasts, fitness junkies.

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We create pitches that get attention and elicit real results. We foster the process of connecting you with other innovators and top media outlets to increase your brand exposure and awareness. Get started on your journey be filling out the form below!

Public Relations for Health & Wellness Providers

What Can DPM Do For Your Health
or Wellness Brand?​

With an emphasis on fostering personal relationships and turning insights into action DPM will elevate your brand to the pinnacle of relevance. We know the media market well because our team is composed of former producers, reporters, health influencers and brand marketers.We identify and pitch outlets, journalists and editors who are covering your topic of expertise related to health, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, athletic, and entrepreneur.

Health and Wellness runs in our veins.

Media Strategy

Dunn Pellier Media services and strategy evolves with your brand, ensuring that it interfaces seamlessly with the public. We know the media and market because our creative team is composed of current and former producers, reporters and health influencers.

Brand Partnerships

We tap into our extensive network of brand partners, fit friends and health and wellness collaborators to build alliances to work together, creating marketing synergy.

Digital Publicity

Our team of innovative social media strategists help convey your brands social voice to get seen through the social landscape. Our expert works closely with your vision to launch appropriate &  thoughtful campaigns to drive engagement, conversation & results.

Here to Focus on Your Practice

Results Oriented Public Relations

At DPM, a typical public relations campaign runs anywhere from six months to a year. During this time, we are building strong media relationships for your brand. The value we offer is brand recognition, credibility, and earned media coverage.

We offer a set price for all expert and book public relations campaigns. Our expert and book campaign package consists of online media placements with expert stories and book mentions along with link backs. We offer 6 areas of focus for our expert & book media campaigns. This gives us more specialized focus on the areas that matter to you most. For experts and authors that are a bit less well known we suggest that you get your feet wet and build your profile up and do local markets first building up to the bigger markets. 

Results Oriented For Medical Providers

Award Winning Performance


If you want to build credibility for your brand and your practice, have a new program or book in motion, and cutting edge work or an ideology that is changing lives – DPM and our PR “experts focused team” will help you build your legacy, increase awareness, credibility, and visibility in the media market place through a specific well rounded PR communication and marketing strategies.

You and your brand will be more visible than ever before and you will be able to differentiate yourself from the sea of competitors in the marketplace.

You and your team have dedicated countless resources to ensure your business not only operates successfully today, but for the long-term.

Partner with a media company that cares about your company as much as you do and brings award-winning results.

At DPM, we specialize in health and wellness and have worked with all kinds of experts, authors, doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine, brain doctors, scientists, gynecologists, urologists, and specialty doctors.

Through our innovative strategies and personal touch we have built a solid reputation among media outlets that focus on health and wellness. We work closely with our clients’ visions to launch dynamic campaigns around books, DVD’s, products and revolutionary ideas.

We create pitches that get attention and elicit real results. We foster the process of connecting you with other innovators and top media outlets to increase your brand exposure and awareness.

Who Uses Us?

A wide variety of entities, from multinational manufacturers to sole proprietors and experts, have retained our services and tapped into our connectivity. We strive alongside our clients to change lives and make our world a healthier place! Consulting with us exposes your brand to a new world in media and will bring results to your campaign.

Dunn Pellier can help you to maximize your media exposure through traditional and social media – In today’s marketplace your brand needs it to expand your platform and maximize your influence.

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