If you are a Direct Payment Practice, you need eMedicalFusion®

Supercharge your practice in 48 hours with eMedicalFusion® PM 360 Fast Start Package

Supercharge your practice in 48 hours with eMedicalFusion® PM 360 Fast Start Package

eMedicalFusion® is the first all-in-one Practice Management/EMR solution built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of Direct Pay practices including concierge, integrative practices and specialty clinics.

This breakthrough software fuses easy-to-use, 100% web-based technology with innovative business practices that heavily leverage the power of self-service functionality to help you streamline patient interactions, go paperless and simplify the business of your practice.

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eMedicalFusion® PM 360 Fast Start provides everything your office needs to grow and thrive and you can be up and running in 48 hours.

As a GAINSWave® strategic partner, your GAINSWave® leads will flow directly into eMedicalFusion®’s powerful CRM solution where you can execute automated marketing campaigns pre-loaded with GAINSWave® content to accelerate closes and increase success.

eMedicalFusion® PM 360 has fully integrated eCommerce that setup installment payment plans, sell packages with automated package management, sell memberships with automated expiration management, sell GAINSWave® specialty products all directly from the software. No external terminals or other components are needed.

Just imagine this…. 

GAINSWave® leads and leads from other sources all flowing into an easy-to-use CRM that features pre-built campaigns to deliver content to prospective patients and accelerate closings.

A robust, configurable and secure online intake process, eCommerce that is so configurable that it can accommodate any business model including packages, concierge style memberships, automated installment payments, automated discounting for your VIP groups and about anything else you can dream up. And a system that is ready to grow with you with full support for multiple locations, multiple merchant accounts, and upgradeability to the full suite of eMedicalFusion® products including eMedicalFusion® EHR with just a phone call.

Dr. Lynese Lawson

Proactive Wellness Centers, PLC, Vienna, VA

“eMedicalFusion makes it possible for me to run my business with the help of just two part-time employees-and that’s servicing 310 patients!

All I need is my laptop and I can access the business end of my entire practice at any time, from anywhere.”

Due to the high level of self-service built into eMedicalFusion, I have been able to grow my practice by 50% over the last 3 years with the same staff.

As eMedicalFusion has enabled my practice to be 100% paperless, all I need is my laptop and I can access the all of my data at any time, from anywhere.”

This is a competitive advantage as a GAINSWave® Provider
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