GAINSWave® Launches Partnership with the Age Management Medicine Group

We’re On A Mission To Broaden Physician Education!

GAINSWave®, the world’s largest medical association of licensed healthcare professionals that provides treatments to improve male sexual wellness, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG).

Through this unique partnership, the AMMG (Age Management Medical Group) will provide the GAINSWave network of member doctors and clinicians access to both didactic and hands-on clinical training in CME certification Age Management Medicine education.

“We are excited about the synergies this partnership provides GAINSWave® members.” Says Jeremy Edwards, Director of Business Development of Vitality Connect, the parent organization of GAINSWave®. “It’s immensely beneficial for our current community of GAINSWave doctors and clinicians who want to be educated in clinical applications of age management medicine such bio-identical hormones, testosterone therapy and the growing field of peptides.”




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