GAINSWave® Treatment

GAINSWave® is the premium brand in low-intensity shockwave and acoustic wave therapy used to treat men with erectile dysfunction and increase sexual performance in men who don’t even have ED!

A Way to Maintain Lifelong Healthy Sexual Function

GAINSWave® is a simple 15 minute in-office treatment, that can assist men in maintaining lifelong healthy sexual function. GAINSWave® providers report a high, double-digit success rate (with correct patient selection, greater than 75%) with their patients. Some patients notice an improvement the day of their first treatment. Others get the best result with 6-12 treatment sessions.

How GAINSWave Works

Studies show that the low-intensity acoustic sound waves stimulate cell division and promote neovascularization – developing new capillaries and unblocking blood vessels within the penile tissues. This process is believed to be one of the triggers that promote blood flow and better erection quality. The waves repair and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and remove micro-plaque that restricts penile hemodynamics.

High-Frequency, Low-Intensity Sound Waves

A natural, long-lasting Solution for ED and improved sexual performance for men of any age

The ‘shear stress’ created by the waves triggers intracellular mitosis without actually injuring the tissue. GAINSWave® is the first non-surgical, non-invasive ‘branded’ procedure that offers men an organic solution for ED management as well as enhanced and sustained erection quality.

Efficacy & Safety

The science and efficacy of GAINSWave® type treatments is based on clinical studies and data that date back 15 years. When the right technology is used and the proven protocols are followed, the treatment results in a high success rate in treating Erectile Dysfunction.

To date, more than 80 clinical studies have shown shockwave and acoustic wave technologies to be a safe and effective treatment for the management ED.

With close to 100 studies to support the safety and efficacy of shockwave and acoustic wave therapy, the future of GAINSWave® is positioned to be a highly viable alternative for men seeking a more natural way to combat erectile dysfunction as well as a solution for improved and sustained sexual performance.