Provider Testimonials

” I wanted to treat my patients with Shockwave Therapy and after Googling it, GAINSWave was coming up everywhere. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought it would be best to join their network and it’s been paying off ever since! “

Dr. Chris Driscoll of D.C. Omaha Integrated Health

“GAINSWave and FemiWave is the future, and I love it. Your patients are going to ask for it, so you need to be ready! “

J. Viggo Dodoo of DSD Pharmacy

” When it comes to men’s health, I don’t know of any brand that’s stronger than GAINSWave. I know that because we measure the metrics. People are searching for GAINSWave online. We appreciate being part of the brand because men easily find us with very little effort.”

Dr. Rafael Foss of NIVA Health

” There are patients I would never have had contact with if it wasn’t for having my practice listed on GAINSWave’s online directory. My practice is small and rather local. Thanks to GAINSWave, I’m able to tap into a larger market and reach more new patients! “

Dr. Robert Madda of The Natural Path

” GAINSWave has done a terrific job at providing me with all of the tools and resources we needed to launch GAINSWave. The medical training component is awesome. The sales process is all laid out too! It’s a game changer. “

Dr. Evan Miller of GameDay Men’s Health

” In the couple of months that we’ve been offering GAINSWave, we’ve received 25 referrals for new patients. That’s quite amazing when you consider the fact that during the pandemic, most leads for other kinds of treatments were virtually non-existent. “

Dr. Lois Wagstrom

” We’ve been really pleased with GAINSWave! Our patients are getting great results and it’s really working rapidly. “

Dr. Deborah Matthews

” GAINSWave is very up to date on continuing to update all of the marketing and medical trainings as everything continues to evolve. “

Dr. Ian Levenson of Colorado Longevity

” GAINSWave is something people are actually searching for! They’re searching for the treatment more than they’re searching my practice. So it’s a powerful way to get me and my practice in front of more people that I could have ever generated without their brand name. “

Dr. Rob Hanopole of Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness

” GAINSWave’s medical training is excellent. They show you not only how to utilize the technology for patients, but also how to implement the treatment into your practice. The referrals I receive from GAINSWave’s website are amazing. GAINSWave does a great job at educating men, so by the time a prospective patient calls me, he’s ready for treatment. “

Dr. Amit Rajguru of Evolved Medical

” Besides the directory listing on GAINSWave’s website that sends referrals my way, one of my favorite things about GAINSWave is the private Facebook community they’ve created for us physicians. The journal club is a great, valuable source that continues to provide us with new information on medical training, updates, and more. “

Dr.Judson Brandeis of Brandeis, MD

” My favorite things about GAINSWave is the number of leads I get from being featured on GAINSWave’s website. I get a lot of really good, high quality leads from just being on the website! “

Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown

” GAINSWave does an amazing job at educating men about erectile dysfunction, and solutions for it. By the time a prospective patient calls me, he’s ready for treatment. “

Dr. James Fontaine of James Fontaine, MD

” If you have a practice where you’re already treating male patients, then GAINSWave is a slam dunk.”

Dr. Robert Bowen

” Our GAINSWave directory listing has really been the best source of referrals and has helped us treat many new patients “

Dr. Lamia Gabal of Prestige Medical Group

” GAINSWave’s patient lead generation has been tremendous and the medical training is outstanding ! “

Dr. Adrienne Carmack of Integrative Health Matters

” I admire that GAINSWave has developed an anatomy-based protocol that actually works and doesn’t promise things to patients that just aren’t true. “

Dr. Bruce Sloane of Philadelphia Urology Associates

“The leads GAINSWave has generated for me are of the highest quality. They’re already educated on what it does and how it works, which makes their decision making process extremely simple. “

Dr. David Cunningham of Infinity Men’s Health, LLC

“We had GAINSWave patients scheduled for treatment before we even opened up our doors! This set us up with an easy way to build momentum and hit the ground open. “

Dr. Wesley Buckle of Prism Medical