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An all-natural and clinically-proven treatment to enhance male sexual function, performance and overall health.

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Army veteran turned porn star used GAINSWave to repair his “package” from a nearly career-ending testicle infection

It wasn’t until Miles developed a testicle infection after hernia surgery that he feared his penis could be hurt beyond repair. In fact, one doctor told the porn star he may never have an erection again. In December, doctors fixed Miles’ testicle infection, but he couldn’t stop ruminating on his potentially incurable erectile dysfunction.

“I’ve been seriously injured before. I was shot overseas and I had to learn how to walk and do a bunch of stuff like that again,” Miles, a 38-year-old in Tampa, told Insider.

But having an injury, something where you don’t know if you’re ever going to be able to perform [sexually] as a man again, was definitely very hard. It was hard on my relationships.

During Miles’ four-month recovery, a local urologist sent him an Instagram message, telling him about a treatment called GAINSWave that uses gentle electric shocks to boost erections. Miles told Insider he noticed results right away and that after six weeks of treatment, he could sustain an erection long enough to work again.

The treatments helped me cope with it because I’m one of those people that, if something is broke and you sit around and you go, ‘Oh, this part of my life sucks,’ but you don’t do anything to fix it, then it’s your fault,” Miles said.

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